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Virtual Horse Show

Help the Bluebonnet Virtual Horse Show be a success:  Sponsor a class!
Class sponsorships are just $10, and they help make the show a reality. Class sponsors will get their name/business name and link to their business Facebook and/or website link to be displayed next to the class name on the Virtual Show Group and on the website.

For example:
Class 22, Saddle Type Hunt Seat Pleasure
Sponsored by Jennfier Williams, The Equine Behaviorist –

Class Number:

Class List can be found HERE.

Email with the name/number of the class(es) you are sponsoring and the name and link you would like displayed with the class name.

Bluebonnet Virtual Horse Show on Facebook can be found HERE.

You can show off your horses – and you don’t have to have a fancy rig, fancy tack, or even a fancy arena! Clean up your horse and video your performance at home. You can win ribbons AND help needy horses get help – win-win, right?!


Entry fees:
Entry fees are $10 per horse/rider combination per class.  
Entry fees MUST be paid before videos are posted in the Bluebonnet Virtual Show group.