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Training Challenge Body Condition Scoring

For those of you in the challenge, below is how you will be judged on your horse’s Body Condition and appearance.   There may be additional scoring to show improvement from initial condition, TBD.  We are all looking forward to seeing our gorgeous rescue horses in excellent condition!

Body Condition Scoring

Rate the horse from 0 (poor) to 5 (ideal):

____ Weight – near the “moderate” rating on the Henneke Body Condition Scoring Chart              (

____ Coat Condition – shiny, healthy looking, free of skin conditions or parasites

____ Grooming – coat clean and brushed, mane and tail brushed, free of mud

____ Hoof Condition – neatly trimmed, good hoof shape

____ Overall appearance of handler and horse, including tack and clothes

______ Total Points Condition Score

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