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Training Challenge Body Condition Scoring

For those of you in the challenge, below is how you will be judged on your horse's Body Condition and appearance.   There may be additional scoring to show improvement from initial condition, TBD.  We are all looking forward to seeing our gorgeous rescue horses in excellent condition! Body Condition Scoring Read more

Rescue Horse Training Challenge Notes

BEHS congratulates and thanks everyone who has agreed to bring a foster horse to the Expo's Training Challenge. I am hopeful that everyone is enjoying the journey with their foster horse by now in preparing for this year's event. It's going to be bigger & better than ever! This year we would like to share the...
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Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone who made the 2011 Bluebonnet Horse Expo possible!  It was an awesome day in support of horses!  We had 6 horses that were adopted at the Expo and are already in their new homes, with 3 more adoptions that are nearly finalized, and still more applications to adopt that are waiting...
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