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The Bluebonnet Horse Expo is a fundraiser for Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society. Proceeds of the Expo provide care to the horses helped by BEHS. At this time, clinicians donate their time and travel expenses in order to help the rescue help even more horses, but we will give you advertising on our Expo site, Facebook pages, and in the digital Expo program.

The Bluebonnet Horse Expo is looking for equine professionals to donate presentation time – and this year we’re going VIRTUAL, so our presenters can be from anywhere! If you would like to be considered for the 2020 Bluebonnet Horse Expo or know someone who might be interested, please contact us.

How does the virtual Expo work? Equine professionals (trainers, veterinarians, farriers, etc.) will make a 15-20 minute video about a topic approved by our clinic coordinator. Presenters will also be invited to do a live Zoom Q&A session with attendees (you don’t have to do both – you can do a presentation without a Q&A session).

They’re $10 per person and each ticket gets the person access to all the video presentations as well as live Q&A sessions that will be scheduled during the Expo week of Oct. 10-18 on Zoom. 

Live Q&A

The Zoom Live Q&As so far:

October 13: 6-7:00pm
Dr. Natalia Lord: Introduction to EPM and veterinary Q&A.

October 14: 6-7pm
Jimmy Brown – Gaited horse training Q&A

October 14: 7-8pm
Lindsay Burer – Equine Nutrition Q&A

October 15: 7-8pm
Jodi Brassard – Equine Acupressure and Eastern Medicine for Horses Q&A

October 16: 6-7pm
Ben Arreguin – Horse Training Q&A

We will be adding more Zoom Q&As as clinicians confirm.  Information on how to dial in/log in to the live Q&As will be emailed late Sat. or Sunday to those who have purchased tickets or signed up sponsors.  If you do not receive your email, please contact Jenn at

Benjamin Arreguin – J40 Bar: Backing Up 101

Michael Battenfield – Battenfield Horsemanship : TBA

Dr Natalie Lord – Belton Veterinary Clinic

Jodi Brassard – Brassard Equine Acupressure or find them on Facebook: Acupressure

Jimmy Brown: TBA

Lindsay Burer: Horse Nutrition 101

Aaron England – England’s Versatile Horsemanship: TBA

Diedre Sabo Fray – Diedre Dressage: Dressage for Balance, Control, and Performance

Dan Keen – Dan Keen Horsemanship: TBA

Kelly & Sabine Lazo – Lazo Performance Horses
Clinic title:  If you give a kid a riding lesson.
Riding lessons, turn into ponies, which turn into horses, which turns into competition, which, will you get it. How to get it right the first time. Buying your first horse, when, where, & how?

Jack Lieser – Jack Lieser Horsemanship : Haltering the Hard to Halter Horse

Hilary LoBue – Hummingbird Hill Horse Training of find them on Facebook: What to do if you can’t ride your horse daily

Miranda Holaday-Lyon – Miranda Horsemanship : Introduction to EPM

We will be adding information on clinicians who will appear at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo as they are confirmed.