Toffy was a stray horse: the sheriff’s department picked her up and when her owners weren’t located, they placed her with us. She moved to a new foster home in May 2012 for some riding and training time, and her foster home said she was a joy. Toffy and her foster home attended AmerEquine together, went trail riding together, and had a nice time. She met her adopter, a little girl who got her first horse. Toffy was adopted in 2012 but returned in 2018 due to the adopter’s health problems.

Health / Lameness
Toffy has no known lameness issues, but she had growths on her udder and underside that were evaluated by a vet and treated by her foster home. They are now gone but could come back.

Evaluation and Training
Toffy is easy to handle and very sweet. She’s easy to catch in a pasture, leads well, loads well, and stands tied or in cross-ties.

Her foster home has been riding her and says Toffy is a fun ride. She has a smooth trot and is quiet under saddle. She took her on a trail ride in early July and Toffy was a star. She walks quickly and looks from side to side, but she went through trees, up and down hills, and across a bridge. She spooked only once – when a branch hit her and then fell down. She only scooted forward and was not out of control. Toffy’s foster mom says she would take Toffy on trails every day if she could.

Toffy’s only bad habit is that she doesn’t always stand still for mounting. Her foster mom has worked with her on this and she’s doing a lot better. Toffy’s foster mom will miss her when she’s adopted, but she’s also excited for Toffy to have a family of her own!

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