Sour Patch Kid

our Patch Kid (aka Candy) was adopted last October when she was 5 months old. She was returned as a yearling due to the ill health of her adoptive owner.

She was a bit guarded about her feed at first. When she first arrived, she kicked out twice while eating. She has since stopped with more activity in her stall while eating, however caution should still be maintained. Her previous owner said she was constantly being picked on by his other horses and she is also the least dominant with her herd mate in her new foster home. When she gets nipped or picked on, she never fusses – just merely moves out of the way.

She is a lovable “in your pocket” yearling. She loves affection and she is easy to go out and halter. She leads, stands tied, and accepts baths. She is great for the farrier. She gives to pressure on the hind quarters and fore quarters and backs easily.  She loads well in a trailer. She has learned to be ponied and will soon be going on short trail rides alongside her herd mate. She is very trusting and leads where you take her. There is not a lot that bothers her. She is not even bothered when she is separated from her herd mate. She just seems to take it all in stride. She thinks nothing of a large tarp draped over her – even walking with it.  She is beginning to be introduced to new and different challenges in hand.

With her trusting disposition, she will be an awesome trail partner once she is old enough to ride.  She’s a perfect age to adopt now and you’ll have plenty of time to get to know her and work with her on the ground before starting her under saddle in a few years.

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