Snapple is a 2012, unregistered Arabian gelding.  Snapple was removed from negligent owners and placed with Bluebonnet. Snapple was halter broke when he arrived, but he was a little afraid of being caught. He tries to be sweet, but it seems he had not had much handling before coming to Bluebonnet.

Snapple spent four months with trainer Brittany Blackburn to be started under saddle. He did well, but he is a hot horse and needs additional training time. Brittany gave him a very good foundation, and he tries hard to do what’s asked. He’s a pretty moving horse with a lot of potential for someone willing to continue working with him.

He was not ridden at all from when he left Brittany’s until July 2018 when he went to his new training challenge trainer, Kris Henderickson. She started off with ground and desensitizing, and they’re not working on riding in an arena. She says he’s doing great, and we’re eager for more updates!

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Adoption fee:  $1,500

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