Opie was part of a large neglect case. He was removed in a joint effort between BEHS and law enforcement and then placed with BEHS by the courts. When Opie arrived at BEHS, he had never been handled by humans. His foster home worked to win his trust and then worked to get him halter broke. In the spring of 2012, he spent time with a trainer and was started under saddle. Opie was eager to please and a quick learner, and he progressed quickly through training. In July, he was adopted along with Blackie to be a teenager’s first horse. They were both returned three years later when the family lost interest in horses.

Opie attended the 2016 Bluebonnet Horse Expo and was adopted at the event. He was returned in 2018 when he did not work out at his home.

Nothing is known of Opie’s history.

Health / Lameness
Opie has no known health or lameness problems.

Evaluation and Training
Opie was not handled at all before coming to BEHS. His foster home got him trained to lead, stand for the farrier, etc. He spent April and May 2012 with a trainer, and they were impressed with his progress. He can walk, trot, and canter in the arena and out on the trail. He hasn’t bucked, and when he spooks all he does is freeze. He’s a very sensitive and reactive horse, but the trainer thought he was very athletic. He’s got potential as a ranch horse, trail horse, or even show horse.

Opie was adopted and returned twice, and little was done with him at both adopters. He’s spent several months (summer and fall 2018) with trainer Jennifer Skinner to get put back to work. She says he’s doing very well, but he’s a smart horse who will take advantage of a novice or timid rider. He’s got great potential for an intermediate or above rider wanting a nice riding horse!

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