Mr 1000

Come meet our 1,000th rescue as he makes his public debut!

He’s far thinner than this picture shows, BUT he is gaining weight. The area between the top of his ribs and backbone is slowly started to fill in. When he arrived, the flesh dropped straight from his backbone onto the top of his ribs and the top of his ribs were like a shelf – I think he could have held a coke can on that shelf. Now the flesh slants from the top of his backbone down to his ribs more like a tent.

He’s eating a ton, hanging out with the other horses, and feeling good. He comes when called for dinner and is at home in both a stall and in pasture. He’s good for fly spraying and sunscreen spraying.

He’s receiving great care from his foster home. As he is still in rehabilitation, he is not yet available for adoption. But, he’d love for you to come say hello.

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