Bojangles was placed with Bluebonnet when his owner could not keep him. He turned out to be a smart, pretty, inquisitive and fun young horse. He was adopted to become a riding horse in June 2018 but returned a few months later when his adopters could not keep him.

Bojangles was just about five months old when he came to the rescue. He’s had good handling and care most of his life.

Health / Lameness
Bojangles has no known health or lameness problems.

Evaluation and Training
Bojangles is blessed with beauty and an excellent disposition. He has correct conformation, and he inherited his big-eyed, beautiful head from his Arabian dam. This gelding is sweet, smart, and good-natured – a joy to train. Always even tempered, “Bo” does not bite, kick, or even lay back his ears in frustration. He leads well, loads in a trailer, and did fairly well during his first farrier trim. To date, Bojangles has stood quietly while tied along with other horses. Given his youth, however, he will need continued reinforcement of these skills. Bojangles has the potential to excel in a number of disciplines and deserves a loving home that appreciates his attributes.

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