Fall Expo & Training Challenge Sponsors

Thank you to the 2020 Bluebonnet Horse Expo Sponsors – you allowed us to put on an awesome event.

2021 Bluebonnet Horse Expo Sponsors

Please help us put on another excellent horse Expo,  The horses and humans at Bluebonnet as will horse lovers from across Texas and beyond will thank you!

At the Winner Level
American Indian Horse Registry, Inc.
Pamela Archung
Carolyn Barnes
Carol Belmont
Carrie Bohman
Dan Buie
Katrina Hock
Tammy Holsey
Kay Jones
Marie Knipfer
Cynthia Lawhon
Lynda Marderness
Dianne Martin
Sheila Meeks
Caroline Moody
Charles Murray
Jenni Ritchie
In Honor of Sunflower/Journey
Barbara Wood
Karen Yeager

At the Blue Ribbon Level
Cindy Davis
Anne Fellingham
Sharla Goodloe
Claudia Grimnes
Bonnie Harlow
Cindy Hoffman
Houston PetTalk Magazine
Carol Johnston
Lisa Matthews
Chuck Miller
Robin Morin
Jessie Parker
Melinda Parker
Ann L Pawlak
Jodie Satterfield
Marchelle Taylor
Katy Wiswall

At the Trophy Winner Level
Christine Baleshta
Kari Boakes
Tracy Cann
Barbara Chopek
Cynthia Clark
Cynthia Clark
Delinda Dzeda
Elgin Business Solutions
Judy Elliott
On behalf of England Versatile Horsemanship
Janice Erickson
Cristine Etue
Anne Feltus
Suzanne Fourmigue
Penny Hardin
Megan Hughes
Hummingbird Hill Horse Training
Nicola Ladkin
Teresa MacDonald
Carol Middelberg
Robin Morin
Sandra Portzer
Chantel Procell
Restore Equine LLC
Glenda Ruggles
Glenda Ruggles
Salado Creek Realty
Lori Schwinnen
Kaylon Sullins
Pam Trettenero
Sarah Thompson
Sheila Whetstone
Jennifer Williams
Beverly Zawacki

At the Rosette Winner Level
Bound Tree Medical
H2S Farms
Margaret Hoffman
Michele Hyde
Kelly Lazo
Sandy Nielsen
Lee Thornbury
Greg Turnipseed

At the Champion Level
Jane Anderson
Lynn Baber
Tracee Casarez
Mary Hildebrandt
Allen Johnson
Debra Keen
Rafter D Environmental
Margie Sloan
Texas Drain Specialist (and on FB HERE)
In honor of Sarah Thompson, from her co-workers upon her departure from her job
Julie Upchurch

At the Grand Champion Level
Kristie Anderson
Melissa Auberty
Edward & Judy Bancroft
County Forklift
Evelyn Gillum
Karen Ledbetter

At the Hero Level
Donna Berber
Fifth Age of Man Foundation

At the Bluebonnet Level
Berberfam, Ltd

Bluebonnet Horse Expo sponsors allow us to put on a great expo. Funds from sponsorships pay for the cost of facility, cost of advertising and the myriad expenses that go into putting on a great event. Money raised during the event supports the horses of Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society: it pays vet bills, farrier bills, costs of investigating neglect reports, costs of seizing horses, costs of preparing for court, and more. Our goal is to pay all necessary expenses with sponsorships – so that all the money raised on the day of the event can go to helping us help horses.

Email us to discuss sponsorship options.

Become a Bluebonnet Horse Expo Sponsor – Be Part of a Great Event!