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Spring Training Challenge Sponsors

Thank you to the 2020 Bluebonnet Training Challenge Sponsors – you allowed us to put on an awesome event.

2021 Bluebonnet Horse Training Challenge Sponsors

Please help us put on another excellent horse Training Challenge,  The horses and humans at Bluebonnet as will horse lovers from across Texas and beyond will thank you! To become a sponsor, click HERE.

At the Winner Level
Katrina Hock

At the Blue Ribbon Level
Janice Erickson
Lisa Matthews
Sarah Thompson
Sheila Whetstone

At the Trophy Winner Level
Tracee Casarez
Bonnie Harlow
Nicola Ladkin
Kelly Lazo
Williams Family

At the Rosette Winner Level

At the Champion Level
Mary Rangel

At the Grand Champion Level

At the Hero Level

At the Bluebonnet Level

We’re inviting you to become a Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge Sponsor by either donating goods or money to the program. Not only do sponsors enable us to put on the best possible Rescue Horse Training Challenge, awarding greater prizes and attracting more participants to help more horses gain the skills they need to find forever homes, but also have access to some amazing advertising opportunities! Contact Jennifer Williams at for more information.