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Adopt a Training Challenge Horse

All horses will be available for adoption the day of the Training Challenge .

If the trainer or foster home competing with the horse wants to adopt him or her, he/she must let the Adoption Coordinator know by May 1st for the Spring Challenge and October 1st for the Fall Challenge and must complete an adoption contract and pay the horse’s adoption fee by 9am the morning of the Training Challenge.

To get ready BEFORE the Expo:
1 – become a member of Bluebonnet, if you’re not already)
2 – apply to become an approved adopter (make sure you send in the photos needed). If you’re interested in a particular horse, make sure you include his/her name(s) on the application.…/online-adoption-applicati…
3 – If you’re already approved, send our adoption coordinator an email at and let her know which horse(s) you’re interested in adopting.
4 – Attend the Training Challenge

Pre-approved adopters may visit the horses at the Training Challenge, may talk to the horse’s trainer or foster home for the Challenge, and may test ride the horse at the event (working around the horse’s competition schedule). Pre-approved horses may test the horses under saddle after they have competed or earlier with the trainer’s approval.

Individuals who are not pre-approved will not be able to attend the Challenge due to capacity limitations. However, pre-approved adopters will receive priority and those who are not pre-approved may not have the opportunity to test ride horses.

Challenge horses are very popular, and we cannot guarantee you will get the horse you want simply because you apply. Many applicants end up coming to the Expo and meeting and adopting a horse other than the one listed on their application.

If you would like to be pre-approved to adopt a horse from the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge, please download an application. Complete it and send it in by May 1st for the Spring Challenge and October 1st for the Fall Challenge to be approved in time to adopt the day of the Challenge.

When applying, please become a member, fill out the application completely, and provide property pictures as listed on application. Questions regarding becoming an approved adopter can be sent to

Adoption procedures for those who want to adopt a horse at the Challenge:

  • Submit your adoption application by May 1st for the Spring Challenge and October 1st for the Fall Challenge.
  • Once at the Training Challenge, sign in at the ADOPTION table. Located in near the stall area.
  • If you decide to adopt the horse, let the Adoption Coordinator know. She will let the office know you are coming to adopt.
  • Go to the office and compete an adoption contract and pay your adoption fee.
  • Return to Adoption table with signed contract. You will receive the horse’s coggins and a copy of his/her health records.
  • All horses must be picked up by 8pm on Saturday or between 8am and 11am on Sunday.